Clinics & Services

Keeping You Healthy

A range of services are provided to help you maintain your health. When you first register with us, depending on your medical history, we may invite you to a New Patient Medical, which is a ten-minute check-up carried out by our nurses/HCAs.

To monitor your health NHS Health Checks provide patients between 40 and 75 without a long term health condition, with a screening service aimed at reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes and other lifestyle related conditions

The over 75s can make arrangements for a health check either at home if unwell or too frail, or at the surgery if well enough to attend.

Long Term Conditions

For patients with long term conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma, regular checks with the doctor, nurse or Healthcare Assitant are advised. We believe that such patients should be active in their own care so we offer information, monitoring and provide, where appropriate, access to specialist services.

Those combating depression or anxiety can be referred for counselling once assessed by the G.P. or can self-refer for consideration of psychological intervention by calling Talking Therapies on

Ultrasound Scan

We have specialised equipment aimed at making timely and accurate diagnoses of certain problems. Dr Gerard D’Cruz can offer patients an examination using ultrasound at the Eldon Square site to help aid diagnosis in some conditions & monitor antenatal progress. Dr D’Cruz works closely with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust to provide appropriate care management for patients using this facility.

First Contact Musculo-skeletal Practitioner

Mr Kumaraswarmy is a registered health practitioner with an expertise in Musculo-skeletal conditions . Having worked in secondary care (hospital-based clinics) for many years he is now able to assess patients presenting to their GPs with joint or muscle problems. He is based at our Eldon Square site and uses ultrasound to help diagnose and treat patients.

As a “First Contact Practitioner” he can evaluate, examine, and agree management plans for patients presenting with a Musculo-skeletal issue. He is also able to refer patients for prolonged courses of physiotherapy, as well as refer into secondary care for further imaging and orthopaedic/pain management review.

Children’s Health

Clinicians at Pembroke Surgery have additional child health surveillance qualifications, and they oversee any Child Development Appointments. An initial first examination will be routinely carried out at eight weeks of age. Invitations to attend further routine checks with the Health Visitor will be sent to you when your child reaches the appropriate age. The Health Visitor teams manage infants with feeding problems.

Children’s Immunisations

We provide a full range of immunisations for all key stages in your child’s life. These start at eight weeks of age and continue up to their eighteenth year. Any concerns about immunisations should be discussed with the Health Visitor or Practice Nurse. A list for routine immunisations and age by which they should be given, can be obtained from reception or by visiting NHS Choices.

Women’s Health

The surgery provides routine cervical screening and advice on the full range of contraceptive options is available from any of our doctors or nurses. Long acting contraceptive implants can be fitted and removed on site and we also have access to local surgery-based coil fitting services.

Maternity care is provided by all our doctors doctors in combination with the Royal Berkshire Hospital Maternity Department. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed please call the maternity appointment line on 0118 3228964, option 1 (lines are open Monday to Friday 08.00 – 18.00) to arrange your booking appointment with your Community Midwife.

If you are new to the area and have moved while pregnant then please call the maternity appointment line on 0118 3228964 option 1 to transfer your care to the Community Midwife Team.

Referrals to a consultant obstetrician are made if required and most deliveries take place at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Home deliveries can be supported by the community midwives where medically safe to consider doing so.

For information on post-natal groups for new mums please contact the Health Visitors on 0118 9312111.

What are Patient On-line Services?

Patient Online services will give you the option to:

  • Make appointments online for the Doctors and the Clinical Pharmacist
  • Order repeat prescriptions online
  • View your own medical record online

You will be able to complete these actions using a computer, tablet or smartphone rather than having to phone or visit your practice.

If you wish to register as a user for our online patient services which includes appointments, prescriptions and access to your detailed coded medical records, then please complete the Register for Online Services form either through the website or in person at the surgery. You will need to provide evidence of your identity, thus please attend the surgery with photo and proof of address identification. Once your form has been processed we will then e-mail you the registration token, which will need to be acted on within 28 days. Alternatively you can collect the account token from reception during our opening hours at the main site.